Adding Paths and Editing Touchpoints


In this guide, we will look at:

  • Adding and removing paths
  • Adding and editing touchpoints
  • Adding sequential touchpoint(s)


Adding and removing paths

To add a path, click the 'plus' icon.


Select the path you would like to add from the available options.


To remove a path, click the 'red cross' icon at the top right of the selected path.


Adding the first touchpoint

Hover your cursor over the path you would like to add touchpoints to, and click 'Edit Path'.



Select "Add First Touchpoint" to begin writing the initial email.



Using the touchpoint editor

You can customize your message in several ways using the touchpoint editor.


  1. Subject editor: Edit the subject of your email. Your bot sends subsequent emails as replies to the original email thread. (You can disable this by deselecting "Send as Reply" and setting a new email subject.)
  2. Message editor: Configure your message here.
  3. Insert image: You can insert an image into your message. Read more about our Best Practices around using images in your messaging.
  4. Attachments: Include an attachment to your bot's email.
  5. Insert merge tag: To customize your message, you can insert a merge tag. Put your text cursor where you would like to include a merge tag, and select "Insert Merge Tag" to choose the relevant merge tag.
  6. Send or Schedule: Configure when your bot will send the message. The days are counted as business days from when the lead was enrolled or when the last email was sent, depending on which action came last.

When your message is ready, select "Save Touchpoint" to save your changes.


Adding sequential touchpoint(s)

To add a follow up touchpoint, select "Add Touchpoint."



Your new touchpoint has now been added and you will see the touchpoint editor, where you can craft your messaging.


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