Do Not Contact status


In this guide, we will look at the ‘Do Not Contact’ status, how to assign this status and how to find this list.

Once a lead is marked as Do Not Contact,

  • Any ongoing conversation/campaign will be immediately stopped and marked as Cancelled.
  • Any pending Human Review will be automatically completed and marked as Not Interested.
  • Any attempted, future correspondence to this lead will be blocked.
  • The action is irreversible. You can contact us at if you wish to remove the Do Not Contact status.

Note: If an ongoing conversation has already been processed by your bot and the email is queued to be sent out on your email server, the Do Not Contact tag will have no affect.


Tagging a lead as Do Not Contact

To manually mark leads as Do Not Contact under the Lead details page. Navigate to the "Actions" drop down, and select "Mark As Do Not Contact".


The lead will be marked as Do Not Contact:



Locating and Exporting Do Not Contact

You can use Filters to create an isolated list of leads that are tagged as Do Not Contact.

When exporting leads, the Do Not Contact status will reflect in the "tags" column. You will see the tag 'Do Not Contact' in this column if a lead has asked to not receive emails from you in the future.

When exporting conversations, the Do Not Contact status will reflect in the "do_not_contact" column. You will see "true" in the column if the specific conversation resulted in the lead(s) being marked as Do Not Contact.

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