Understanding conversation statuses

In this guide, we will look at what the different statuses are for your bots conversations.
The Saleswhale conversation statuses include:
Status Description
Bounced Indicates the conversation could not be started because the lead's email address is invalid.
Human Review Indicates the conversation has gone out of scope of the Topic Template and human involvement is required.
Not Interested Indicates the lead explicitly stated he or she is not interested in furthering the conversation.
Pending Bot Reply Indicates an ongoing conversation where the lead is awaiting a response from your bot; typically applies to conversations under Human Review.
Pending Lead Response Indicates an ongoing conversation where the bot is awaiting a response from the lead.
Qualified Indicates the sales and marketing goal of the Topic Template was achieved.
Stopped Responding Indicates the lead replied at least once, but thereafter stopped responding.
Unresponsive Indicates that the lead never replied.
Cancelled Indicates that the conversation was cancelled.


Bounced, Qualified, Not Interested, UnresponsiveStopped Responding and Cancelled are terminal end states of conversations. In these states, the bot has stopped attempting engagement and a new conversation can be initiated with the lead.

Your bot will continue attempting to have a conversation with a lead until it has reached the final touchpoint in a given sequence.
For a conversation marked as Unresponsive, the bot would have sent the final touchpoint of the Main Sequence and waited a couple of days.
For a conversation marked as Stopped Responding, the bot would have reached the final touchpoint of the relevant Sequence and waited a couple of days.
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