Understanding Import Rules


In this guide we will look at:

  • what import rules are, and
  • how to view import rules.


What are import rules?

Import rules form a set of constraints that determine which records (Lead or Contact) will be imported from Salesforce into a Saleswhale Campaign

By default, we will only import leads that do not have a Saleswhale Status or where the Saleswhale Status is "Unsynced." We also only import leads with a first name and an email address.

Our import rules can handle string/boolean comparisons as well as relative time ranges.


Based on the rules above, Saleswhale will only import leads that

  • are from the Salesforce Object "Lead"


  • from Lead Source "LinkedIn Ads" or "Facebook Ads"


  • were cherry picked


  • were created within the last 2 days.


How to view import rules 

Within a campaign, click on the Settings tab to view import rules.



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