Adding required Saleswhale Custom Fields to Salesforce


In this guide, we will look at the Salesforce custom fields that need to be created before connecting your Salesforce to Saleswhale and best practices. To create these custom fields, make sure that your Salesforce account has the appropriate permissions.

Salesforce custom fields allow you to capture unique business data in Salesforce. When you create a custom field, you configure where you want it to appear and optionally control security at the field level. Learn more about creating these custom fields via Salesforce.

These fields are used to sync the status of your Saleswhale conversations to your Salesforce account, which will allow the latest email activities from your Saleswhale campaigns to reflect in Salesforce.


Required Salesforce Custom Fields

Label Type Salesforce Field Name
Saleswhale Status picklist sw01_status
Saleswhale Last Synced Time date/time sw01_last_synced_at


The following is a list of the values that need to be configured when adding the 'Saleswhale Status' field in Salesforce:



Best Practices

We recommend switching on the field history tracking feature in Salesforce for both the Lead and Contact objects to help ensure accountability for changes to the Saleswhale Status field.

Read more about setting up Field History Tracking and viewing Field History (via Salesforce).

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