Importing & Enrolling Salesforce Leads


Before importing & enrolling your Salesforce leads, you should already have finished setting up your field mappings and import rules for your campaign.

Navigate to your Campaign detail page and click on 'Settings'.


You should be able to see how many existing records in your Salesforce fits the criteria you have set in your import rules.

Click on 'Import Records'


A popup will appear. Key in the quantity of Salesforce records you would like to import into this campaign.

The maximum quantity you can key in depends on - the number of lead quota you have left, the number of records left in Salesforce or a import quota of 500, whichever is smallest.

Once you are done, click on 'Pull Records'.


You will be brought to a staging page where you can preview the Salesforce records you will be importing.

Clicking on 'Import All' will import and enrol the leads into the campaign.


And you are done! Your bot will automatically reach out to these leads shortly.



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