Enabling Salesforce auto import and enrollment


In this article, we will look at how to enable and disable auto import and enrollment of leads from Salesforce to Saleswhale. 

Once auto import is enabled, leads meeting your specified rules will be automatically imported into Saleswhale. On an ongoing basis, as long as auto import is enabled, any leads in your Salesforce that meet your specified criteria will also be imported into Saleswhale. Once imported, the lead will also automatically be enrolled into your campaign*.

Prerequisites to enabling auto import is to 


Enable auto import and enrollment

To enable auto import, you can (1) navigate to your Campaign detail page and click on 'Settings', (2) confirm your import rules, and (3) select "Enable Auto Enroll."



Once enabled, the button will become greyed out and show a check mark.


Saleswhale will check for leads meeting the import rules once every 15 minutes. Leads and contacts will be pulled into Saleswhale in batches of 250.


Disable auto import and enrollment

If you would like to disable auto import and enrollment, you can select "Auto Enroll Enabled" to deactivate it. As you hover over the button, the button will turn red.



To confirm, select "Disable."



*Depending on your lead quota, you may choose to limit the number of leads you are importing. If the number of records left in Salesforce exceeds your lead quota, these leads will be imported into Saleswhale and will be queued up to automatically enroll into your campaign when your quota resets next month. If you have other campaigns you would like to run next month, you may choose to limit the amount of records you import by setting additional import rules.

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