Onboarding your Bot


In this guide, you will learn how to onboard your bot.

Prerequisites to onboard your bot are to have a unique email address set up for your bot.

To begin onboarding your bot, log into your Saleswhale account. Hover over your initials in the upper righthand corner to toggle the drop-down menu; select "Customise Assistant".



To the right, you have the option to connect to your bot's email address depending on whether you are using Gmail or Outlook as your email client; select accordingly.



You will be redirected to either Gmail or Outlook, depending on which client you use. If you have previously signed in with your bot's account using your browser, you can directly select your bot's email account. Otherwise, you can add a new account.



Your email client may ask you to allow the Saleswhale app to access the email account. You should allow the Saleswhale app to view and modify your email.



You will then be redirected to the Saleswhale app where you will see your bot connected.


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