Apr 2018 - Reengagement of Leads & Calendar Link


Introducing Re-engagement of Leads


For the past month, we have been working a major UI revamp that will allow you to re-engage leads who are previously unresponsive or customers who haven't bought from you in awhile. This will allow you to maximise the potential of your leads which are otherwise just languishing in your CRM.

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1. Automatically collect follow-up date from lead's response

In situations when your lead replies that this is not a good time and to reach back later, your AI Sales Assistant will automatically extract and collect a follow-up date from your lead's email response so you can re-engage him later.



2. Powerful lead & conversation filters

You can now slice and dice your leads and conversations any way you want for lead management, reporting or export purposes. Choose from an extensive list of filters such as custom attributes, last interacted date, conversation status and more.




3. Save a set of filters as Bookmarks

You can now save a set of filters which you frequently use as a bookmark. This will allow quick access to a list of leads or conversations which fit your filter criteria.



4. Adding Sales Rep's Calendar Link

When a qualified lead is being handed over to your sales rep, their calendar link can now be embedded in the email so their prospect can book an appointment right away. 



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