Your Bot's Reply Detection and Response


Work hours

Each Saleswhale bot is set to a timezone. This is usually based on what country your Saleswhale administrator works in. You can submit a support ticket to to check on or change your bots timezone.

Your bots working hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm based on its timezone, only on weekdays. You have the option of extending your bot hours with Workaholic Mode, so that your bot will reply emails 24 hours a day Monday through Friday.


Lead reply email detection

Your Saleswhale bot detects email replies and new emails within 15 minutes of arriving in the email client’s inbox. Messages are usually reflected in the Saleswhale application in around 10 minutes. 


Response time

Your bot is guaranteed to reply within 24 hours. That said, the average bot response time is 2.5 hours, 90% of emails go out within 3 hours and 95% within 5.

Once your bot has registered the lead's email and chosen it's response, it will update the conversation status in the app accordingly. It will then also set a time for it's email reply.

This specific time is set randomly by Saleswhale’s propriety system (also colloquially known as “the worker”) to mimic human behavior, send replies during times when prospects are more likely to read their emails, and avoid times when prospects are less likely to read and reply emails.


Capacity to respond

Your bot replies to emails based on your Topic templates. In the event that your bot does not understand the lead’s question, your bot will mark the email for Human Review.


Based on this guide, if the behavior of your bot ever seems out of the ordinary, submit a support ticket to with the lead’s full name and email address. Be specific about what happened and what you believe should have happened.

At Saleswhale, we are constantly working on refining our processes and models. We assure you that each issue is logged and undergoes a review process with the Customer Success, Engineering, and Operator teams.

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