Re-engaging leads using Filters


Your Saleswhale bot can start conversations with leads that it already previously attempted to have, or already successfully had, conversations with.

In order for this to happen, previous conversations with the lead must all be finished in order for your bot to be able to attempt re-engagement. This means that all previous conversations must have reached a final touchpoint where the conversation was marked as Qualified, Not Interested, Cancelled, or Unresponsive.

In this guide, we will focus on how to re-engage a list of leads in your Saleswhale app that is based on a Lead Filter. Note that you cannot re-engage a list of Conversations.

From a filtered list of leads, you can select All, None, or This page (i.e. only the leads on the current page) leads. Define the leads you want to re-engage.



Locate and select  "Add to Campaign."



A pop-up will appear, prompting you to select a Saleswhale Campaign.



Once you have selected and confirmed the Campaign, your bot will begin re-engagement with the set of leads using the Campaign's Topic Template.


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