Exporting conversations


You can bulk export your bots conversations:

  • all at once, or
  • by single Saleswhale Campaigns.

The CSV export will contain a snippet from the last email of each conversation the bot has, the names and email addresses of each prospect that was a part of each email conversation, the total number of emails that were exchanged per conversation, and the status of the conversation.


Export all

To bulk export all conversations, navigate to the Conversations tab.

Select the Export Conversations button in the upper right hand corner.



A CSV file will all of your bots conversations will be emailed to you.


Export by campaign 

To export all the conversations within a particular campaign, navigate to a campaign.

From the specific campaign page, select the "Actions" button to toggle the drop-down menu.



Choose "Export Conversations," to begin the export process.



A CSV file with all the conversations from the Campaign will be emailed to you.

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