Filtering Conversations


You can filter your bot conversations from the Conversations or Campaigns tabs to look for a list of Conversations that fit a specific set of criteria. 

In this guide we will look at:

  • How to locate the Conversation Filter, and
  • Attributes you can filter your Conversations based on.

Once you set up a filter, you can bookmark the filter to quickly and easily access a specific set of conversations later on (e.g. ongoing or qualified conversations). More about saving and editing Conversation bookmarks.


Locating the Conversation Filter

You can filter leads or conversations using Conversation Filter via the Conversations or Campaigns, Conversations tab.

Campaigns tab

From the Campaigns tab, select a Campaign to show a specific Campaign page and the associated leads.

Select "Conversations" tab and then use the "Filters" slider at the right of the filtering panel to toggle the filter editor. Understanding Leads vs Conversations Bookmarks and Filters.



Conversations tab

From the Conversations tab, use the "Filters" slider at the right of the Conversation Bookmarks & Filters panel to toggle the filter editor.



Conversation Filter attributes 

Attributes you can filter Conversations based on include:

  • Campaign
  • Success Metrics
  • Status
  • Handover Rep
  • Rep Followed Up
  • Started At
  • Point of Contact
  • Customer Dispute



By default, filtering by campaign is turned off. You can enable this filter based on specific campaigns.

To turn on the filter, check "Enable" to turn the letters blue. Once the letters are in blue, you are filtering on campaigns. 

You have several options when filtering on campaigns is turned on:

  • Without Campaigns - Shows only Conversations that are spontaneous. More about spontaneous emails.
  • With Campaigns - Shows only Conversations that are associated with at least one campaign; excludes any ad-hoc Conversations.
  • Specific Campaign - Shows only Conversations that are a part of specific campaign(s), as defined in the "Select Campaigns" field.
    You can also choose to include only your bot's latest conversation with a specific lead by selecting "Only Latest."
    Multiple campaigns can be selected.


Success Metrics

Filter Conversations based on Success Metrics. The "Filter By Campaigns" attribute must be enabled to activate this field.

Multiple Success Metrics can be selected.



Filter Conversations base on the status of the Conversation. 

Multiple statuses can be selected.

Statuses include:

  • Qualified
  • Not Interested
  • Pending bot response
  • Pending lead response
  • Bounced
  • Cancelled
  • Unresponsive


Handover Rep

Choosing specific reps will display Conversations based on who the bot handed the Conversation over to. Leaving this field blank will show all leads, and selecting reps will show only Conversations that were handed off to the defined reps.

Multiple reps can be selected.


Rep Followed Up

By default, filtering based on whether any rep followed up with a Conversation is turned off. Turning on this field gives you the option to filter based on:

  • Yes - a rep did follow up on the Conversation
  • No - a rep did not follow up on the Conversation

Learn more about how your bot tracks sales rep follow up.


Started At

The Started At field allows for filtering Conversations based on the time they started (e.g. the date of the first email).

There are several options for filtering based on when the Conversation started:

  • Less than - define absolute number x in the field to show all the conversations that were started less than x days ago
  • More than - define an absolute number y in the field to show all the conversations that were started more than y days ago
  • Between - define two dates using the date picker to show all conversations that were started between two defined dates


Point of Contact

Filtering by Point of Contact allows you to identify your:

  • Main lead - This is the individual who your bot is directly addressing. (In the case of conversations where an original lead refers his or her colleague, the referred lead will be marked as the Main lead.)
  • Cc'ed prospects - These are the individuals who have been cc'ed into the conversation by your original lead, or the original lead themselves after the referred lead takes over as the Main lead.
  • Opted out contact - Individuals who have explicitly asked to be opted out of an ongoing conversation between your bot and their colleagues.


Customer Dispute

You can find conversations where you have previously flagged your bot's response as incorrect. Read more on how to dispute replies.

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