Understanding Filters


Saleswhale Filters are used to narrow down the selection of leads and conversations listed based on a set of attributes.

It is important to align Filters with re-engagement Campaigns and efforts, so that you can have your bot quickly and easily attempt to re-engage a strictly defined set of leads.

Different filters can focus on different:

  • Conversation statuses - final status of your bots conversations with leads
  • Engagement times - leads based on first or last recorded engagement times
  • Previous campaigns - specific Saleswhale campaign participants
  • Lead sources - place of origination of leads

There are two types of Filters:

Once you have defined a filter, you can bookmark the filter definition for quick and easy access in the future.

You can bookmark two types of Filters:

  • Lead Bookmarks - Bookmarked set of leads based on Lead Filters or Conversation Filters
  • Conversation Bookmarks - Bookmarked set of conversations based on Conversation Filters


Quick tour of Filters

With Filters, you can:

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