Locating Unenrolled leads


In this guide, we will look at how to:

  • find the list of leads the bot has not been able to successfully start engaging
  • see why the bot was unable to start outreach
  • resolve the issue

When your bot is unable to start engaging with leads upon enrollment, it logs each individual lead and the corresponding issue for your reference. In some cases, you have the option to restart outreach at a later time. 



The typical issues resulting in Unenrolled leads and suggested solutions are:

  • Quota reached - Lead quota reached for the month; wait until the next month or increase your lead quota
  • Bot not connected - Saleswhale not connected to bot's email inbox; reconnect email address
  • Topic not published - No published version of the Topic in the Saleswhale app; publish initial version of the Topic
  • Topic needs main sequence - Topic template is missing a main sequence; add a main sequence and publish the Topic
  • Topic has incorrect merge tags - merge tag issues detected by your bot; double check that all merge tags are formatted correctly
  • Lead already engaged - Your bot is already attempting outreach or engaged to the lead as a part of another campaign; wait until the conversation with the lead has reached a terminal state
  • Lead was in this campaign - The lead already exists in and has gone through this campaign; enrolling in a different campaign


Locating and resolving issues

To locate Unenrolled leads, navigate to your leads panel and locate the yellow button with the warning sign on the very right (the number indicates the number of leads that are Unenrolled). Select this yellow button, to navigate to your list of Unenrolled leads.


To view the options you have, locate the three dots to the very right of a lead. Hover over this button to prompt a drop down menu. From the drop down menu, you can choose to:

  • Restart: restart outreach, once the issue has been resolved (explanation of issues above)
  • Remove: cancel outreach and remove the issue from the list 

You have 7 days to resolve any issues, after which the lead is automatically cleared from this list to prevent your dashboard from overcrowding.

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