Feb 2018 - Reports - Comparison, Activity & Success Metrics


Introducing Reports - Comparisons, Activities and Success Metrics


We recently launched 3 new reports - Comparison, Activities & Success Metrics reports. Together, they provide you with better visibility into your campaigns' performance as well as provide insights on how you can optimise your results!

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Comparison Report

Get useful insights into how lead sources & attributes (such as different industries, employee sizes, lead tiers etc.) affect the performance of the campaigns you are running. This helps you to predict which leads are most likely to convert.



Activity Report

You can now visualise the activities of your campaigns over any time period. Understand the trendline of new leads being worked, and how your bot's engagement with leads evolve over time.



Success Metrics Report

Visualise the top, middle and bottom of your campaign funnel, and easily identify the stages where highest drop-offs occur. 


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