Dec 2017 - Bot Intervention, Handling Ad-hoc Emails, Export


1. Bot Intervention

You can now reply as your bot with multiple-touchpoint replies within Saleswhale, qualify these leads and assign them to your Sales Reps. Over time, your bot will learn from your answers and enhance your conversation flow.



2. Handling Random / Ad-hoc Emails Received

Random & unsolicited emails sent to the bot, from both known leads and unknown leads, will now be surfaced within the app under Human Review Tasks - no email will fall through the cracks again. We automatically filter out spam & promotional emails so only relevant emails are surfaced.




3. Improved Reply Detection

When your lead replies in a new email thread, or changes the subject line of the email, we now reconcile separate email threads and handle the response accordingly. 




4. Leads Export

You can now export enrolled leads and their conversation statuses (e.g. Qualified, Unresponsive, Bounced) together with custom data that is collected through the conversation flow (e.g. updated phone numbers, product interested in etc).




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