Jan 2018 - Campaigns, Topic Builder Revamp & Topic Funnel Insight


Announcing Campaigns


We recently launched a major feature - Campaigns! You can now monitor real-time results of your lead engagement campaigns; and have a new dedicated workspace to manage leads, conversation flows and status.

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Topic Builder Revamp

We realised that conversation flowcharts got increasingly complex, after adding so many new features to Saleswhale. And you felt the same way too.

We hear you - so we did a major user interface revamp for the Topic Builder, to make it more user-friendly. You now have a quick glimpse of all the touchpoints within each node. You can also edit your Topics much faster now, using a handy index on the left panel, that allows you to jump from node to node quickly.




Topic Funnel Insight

You can now access funnel metrics of each topic.

For example:

Reached > Referral > Interested to Receive PDF > Interested to Meet.

This gives you more insight on your Topic - so you can segment and query conversation traffic.



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