Saleswhale for sales reps


In this guide we will focus on

  • the two types of leads that are handed over to sales reps
  • the workflow for handling each of the two types of leads

This is important for understanding what a sales rep sees and should do when a lead is handed over to him or her.


Designated Saleswhale sales rep will be roped into two types of conversations: 

  • Goal converted leads
  • Human review leads


Goal converted leads

Each Saleswhale Conversation Topic is designed with a goal in mind. In most cases, the goal is to qualify a lead's interest in jumping on a call. Other goals include finding the right point of contact within an organization or setting up an in person meeting.

Once your bot detects that it has achieved the goal of the Conversation, it will mark the lead as "Interested."

A sales rep will be cc'ed into the email your bot sends the lead upon marking the lead as "Interested." What this email looks like depends on the messaging and content of your "Interested" sequence in the Topic template.


Human review leads

In the case where the Human Review agent assigns a lead to a sales rep, a sales rep will receive a forwarded email from the bot containing the entire email thread of the Conversation the bot has had with the lead. Overview of Human Review.


The sales rep should clean up the email before replying. For example, remove the Saleswhale FWD prefix in the subject line and the Forwarded Message header in the body.

In addition to this, three days later, the sales rep will receive an email with the subject "[Saleswhale Human Review] Pending human review task." This email will prompt the sales rep to update the status of the lead in the Saleswhale application.

The sales rep can simply click one of the buttons within the email to update the status, without needing to log into the Saleswhale application.


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