Empowering your Sales Reps


Your sales reps should ideally never need to access the Saleswhale app to benefit from Saleswhale. Your Saleswhale AI assistant should work seamlessly in the background, handing over qualified leads to the human sales reps. This is a good guide for human sales reps that will be receiving leads your AI assistant has reached out to, to make them aware of the bots different workflows.

In this guide, we will look at:

  • the two types of leads that are handed over to sales reps
  • the workflow for handling each of the two types of leads


As a sales rep, you will be roped into two types of conversations: 

  • Goal converted leads
  • Human review leads


Goal converted leads

Each Saleswhale Conversation Topic is designed with a goal in mind. In most cases, the goal is to qualify a lead's interest in jumping on a call. Other goals include finding the right point of contact within an organization or setting up an in person meeting.

Once your bot detects that it has achieved the goal of the Conversation, it will mark the conversation as "Qualified" in the Saleswhale app and loop you into the conversation via an email cc.


What this email looks like depends on the messaging and content of your bot's "Qualified Positive Intent (Goal Conversion)" sequence in the Topic.

You should keep the bot in cc as you continue your outreach to the lead. Your bot will help to track that you have followed up with the conversation. Rest assured that your bot will not insert itself back into the conversation.


Human review leads

Human Review tasks occur when your bot no longer knows how to proceed with a conversation (Overview of Human Review). In cases where your Human Review agent assigns a lead to you, you will receive a forwarded email from the bot containing the entire email thread of the Conversation the bot has had with the lead. 


As best practice, you should clean up the email before replying and update the bot on what happened with the lead subsequently.

Steps for cleaning up the email:

  1. Remove the Saleswhale FWD prefix in the subject line
  2. Remove the Forwarded Message header in the body

Steps for updating your bot (does not require logging into the app):

  1. Keep an eye out for an email with the subject "[Saleswhale Human Review] Pending human review task"
  2. Open the email and update the status of the lead in the Saleswhale application by choosing one of the buttons within the email that best corresponds with what the status of the conversation


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