Adding BCC to CRM


You can add a BCC email address to all of your bot's outbound emails, so that each email will be sent to your CRM.

To set up the BCC to CRM feature, submit a ticket to with your unique BCC address for your CRM.


Finding your BCC email address for popular CRM tools

  • Find your user name at the upper right corner and select the drop down bar.
  • Select “My Settings” or “Setup” from the drop down bar.
  • Select the Email tab under “My Settings”
  • Select the “My Email to Salesforce” tab
  • You will see your BCC email address highlighted

–via Salesforce, more details on how Email to Salesforce works can be found here.



(Prerequisite: A Hubspot account for your bot, using your bot's email address.)

  • In your bot's HubSpot account, click your photo or avatar in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings.
  • On the left, click Sales > BCC & forwarding.
  • Your BCC address will be in the BCC address field. Click Copy to the right of the field if you'd like to copy your BCC address.

–via Hubspot, more details on setting up your Log in CRM email addresses can be found here.

  • To find your organization email, click your name in the top right corner, select Settings, then go to Email Settings. In your email settings, you will see the organization email in the Basic Email Receiving section.

- via, more details on Forwarding email to can be found here.



-via Pipedrive



  • Navigate to Admin > Email Archiving.
  • Read and agree to the privacy agreement.
  • Click "Enable Email Archiving".
  • Please note your instance's unique archiving, BCC email address via the Email Archiving Address field.

- via SugarCRM, more details on Enabling Sugar Email Archiving can be found here.



  • Click on your name in the top menu bar then select My Preferences > Mail drop box

- via Capsule, more details on the drop box feature can be found here.


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