Interpreting your Comparison Attributes


Any attribute enrolled into and tracked by Saleswhale can be analysed using the Attribute Report module.

Attribute level insights allow you to better maximize your sales and marketing investments, including refinement of your ideal customer profile and better tracking of the ROI of various marketing channels. 

Examples of insights that can be surfaced with attribute comparisons include: 

  • Leads from LinkedIn ads convert 3x better than those from Facebook ads
  • Leads acquired from Dreamforce are 2.7x more likely to engage than those from Qlik Qonnections
  • Finance industry leads are 5.7x more likely to engage and 4x more likely to convert than those from Healthcare.


Generating Your Comparison Report

First, head over to Reports, and click on the Comparison tab.


From your Reports tab and within the Comparison module, locate the drop-down menu under Select Comparison Type and select "Attributes."



Select the Campaigns across which you want to analyse the lead attributes:



From the Select Attributes drop-down menu, select the attributes you want to compare against each other. You also have the option to select specific Values within your Attributes.



Click Show Result to generate your report.



Your comparison report should look something like this.


You can toggle between the different Success Metrics you are interested in drilling into - Started, Reached, Opened, Responded, Engaged and Goal Conversion.


Performance vs. Volume

You can compare your attributes from two different perspectives - Performance and Volume.

Performance should be used when you want to understand how Values within an Attribute stacks up on a percentage basis. Volume should be used to understand how many times each Value appears amongst your lead pool, adding an extra layer to your analysis.

Taking the analysis on Success metrics based on lead industries for example, you might be able to see that your bot has successfully engaged with 82% of Finance industry leads enrolled into Saleswhale, whereas only 25% of Energy industry leads are engaged by your bot.

By toggling the Volume view, you might see that 100 leads were from the Finance industry, and 3,000 leads were from the Energy industry. In this example, you should take into account the small sample size of the Finance industry and continue refining your insight.


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