Overview of Reports


The Reports tab in Saleswhale provides you with 3 types of report categories - Success Metrics, Activity, and Comparison.

Reports are designed to give you granular insight into your campaigns' performance, allowing you to better optimize your Saleswhale Topics and Campaigns and maximize your sales and marketing investments and resources.




Success Metrics

Visualize the top, middle, and bottom of your Saleswhale funnel. With this birds eye view of your bot's activity across all campaigns and specific to a single campaign, you can easily identify the stages where highest drop-offs occur.



Visualize your Saleswhale activity over a defined period of time or across all time. By understanding the trend line of new leads being enrolled, you can better understand how your bot's engagement is evolving with each new batch enrolled.




Get insight into specific lead attributes (such as source, industry, company size, and etc.). With more granular insight into your leads and their conversion rate, you can get better understand into your prospect base and refine your ideal customer profile.



Quick tour of Reports 

From the Reports panel, you can:

  • View the Success Metrics tab
  • View the Activity tab
  • View the Comparison tab
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