How Does Saleswhale work?


In this article, we will be going through an overview of how the Saleswhale's platform works, featuring a high level step by step process as to how you can launch a campaign to reach out to your targeted leads! 

We highly recommend only following this step by step guide if you have undergone product training with your Customer Success Manager. If you don't know who this is, reach out to


1. Choose a Topic from our Topic Template

Depending on your desired conversation topic, you could choose the suitable topic template from our Topic Library. The illustration below shows an example of a topic template.



2. Build your topic using Saleswhale Topic Builder 


  1. Subject editor: Edit the subject of your email.
  2. Message editor: Configure your message.
  3. Insert image: You can choose to insert an image into your message. Read more about our Best Practices around using images in your messaging.
  4. Attachments: You can choose to include an attachment to your bot's email.
  5. Insert merge tag: To customize your message, you can insert a merge tag.
  6. Send time: Configure the cadence of your bot’s follow-up touchpoints (from the last sent email), in business days.

From the main page of your Topic, Publish the latest version of your Topic to ensure all new conversations use the latest version.




3. After Finalising your Topic. It is time to launch your Campaign

After your Topic is published, navigate to your Campaigns panel and select Create Campaign.Picture_1.png

In the pop-up window, enter a Campaign Name and select the associated Topic. Click Save to finish creating your campaign.


Suppress emails or domains

Before launching a campaign, you can configure suppression lists to prevent your bot from reaching out to particular emails and/or domains.


From the Settings tab in each individual Campaign, you will see the Suppression Lists section. You will also see a Configurable lists drop down menu. Do note that required lists are automatically applied and cannot be removed. Watch the suppression list video walkthrough.


4. Import and Enroll your Leads


Hover your cursor over the leads tab and click on Import History. Click on Start Import and follow the 4-step Import Wizard.


Step 1: Click on Choose a File to Upload or drag & drop your csv file

Step 2: Map your csv column headers to their corresponding Saleswhale fields.

Step 3: Review warnings and errors (if any), and validate your import data

Step 4: Confirm and Import your csv data. You will also have the option to name your import batch at this point.



Head back to the Import History page and locate your import batch. Click on the ellipsis and select Quick Enroll.



Step 1: Click the campaign that you want to enroll the leads into

Step 2: Review warnings and errors (if any), and validate your enrolment data

Step 3: Preview the Main Sequence touchpoints, with the merge tags populated with the imported data of the first lead in your csv

Step 4: Confirm and enroll your leads. You will also have the option to name your enrolment  batch at this point.

Note: Once you click Finish Enrolment, your bot will begin scheduling for the emails to be sent to your leads.


Watch the import and enrolment video walkthrough.


5. Manage your campaigns 

Keeping your bot in cc

When your bot hands over qualified leads to your Sales Reps, they should keep the bot in cc when replying to the lead. This will allow you, the campaign owner, to have visibility into which of your qualified leads have been followed up with.


To see the qualified leads that have been followed up, navigate to your campaign and click on conversations. Filter your conversations by Qualified and Rep Followed Up: Yes.


Human Review

Your bot may encounter conversations which have gone out of scope. The Human Review function in Saleswhale allows you to continue these conversations either by replying on behalf of the bot, or by assigning it to an appropriate Sales Rep.


To see your Human Review tasks, click on the checkbox next to your name at the top right of the page.


Do note that conversations that become Human Review tasks are taken out of the automated sequences, and will have to be followed up on manually.


It is important to Complete each task, as the outcome of the tasks will be reflected in your campaign’s success metrics. You can complete them by marking the tasks as: 

  • Qualified
  • Not Interested
  • Stopped Responding
  • Canceled
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