Resolving report errors for auto enrollment


In this guide, we'll look at resolving set up errors during auto enrollment of leads via Salesforce reports. We will also look at the trigger event and provide examples that are most likely to result in each error and recommend actions for you to take.

In the scenario of any error, we recommend performing a hard refresh (ctrl + R on Windows or cmd + R on MacOS) on your page to ensure your error occurs consistently, before proceeding with troubleshooting.

There are three categories of auto enrollment errors:

  • Your selected report is not in tabular, summary or matrix format
  • Your selected report type is not currently supported
  • An unexpected report error occurred


Your selected report is not in tabular, summary or matrix format

Saleswhale is unable to import leads/contacts from a report that are not in a tabular, summary or matrix format. Try creating a report within Salesforce that matches the above criteria or contact your Salesforce administrator for assistance.


Your selected report is not currently supported

Saleswhale only supports the following report criteria for auto enrollment:

  • The report selected has either a lead OR contact object
  • The report selected does not contain both lead & contact objects
  • The report is in the list of currently supported report types

Supported Report Types

Salesforce Report Type Object Retrieved
Leads Default Leads
Contacts & Accounts Default Contacts
Leads with Converted Lead Information Default Leads
Campaigns with Leads Default Leads
Campaigns with Contacts [new] Default Contacts
Leads & Opportunities Custom Leads
Contacts & Opportunities Custom Contacts


An unexpected report error occurred

Please contact for further troubleshooting.

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