Resolving set up errors for enrollment


In this guide, we'll look at how to resolve set up errors during enrollment for both Salesforce & CSV.

Here are the possible errors and how you can resolve them: 

  • No bot setup
  • No bot timezone
  • No enrollment quota
  • No handover sales rep


No bot setup

You have not connected your Saleswhale bot yet. Learn how to onboard your bot.


No bot timezone

The timezone for your bot has not been set up. Go to Customise Assistant > Time Zone to select your bot's timezone.mceclip2.png


No enrollment quota

Your enrollment quota has not been set up for your Saleswhale account. Please reach out to your Saleswhale Customer Success team at


No handover sales rep

Saleswhale is unable to detect any handover sales rep in your settings.  Learn how to add a handover sales rep


Unknown error

Please contact for further troubleshooting.

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