Setting up rules for data collection


One of the advantages of Saleswhale is the automatic collection of additional data and enrichment of existing information you have on your leads. You can make sure you have the latest details on your prospects and save time on data entry for your sales reps.

Saleswhale does this by extracting relevant, unstructured data from the email exchanges your bot has with your prospects.

The rules of data collection are set on a Topic template level and per Touchpoint basis.

To have your bot collect information on certain data points, you must first make sure there is a field column for the data point. Find out more about how to add custom field columns.

When you are ready, go to the edit Touchpoint page from within one of your Topics.

Once you are there, select "Set Up Rules" to toggle the Touchpoint rules panel.



The Data Collection section is the first section - press the "Start Collecting Data" button to define the data you want your bot to collect.


The information you need to define now are the

  1. Instruction for the bot - What do you want the bot to do?
  2. Actual nature of the data to collect - What is the information being collected?
  3. The field column it corresponds to - Which field column does this data correspond with?



When you are done, click "Save" and you will get a confirmation on the top of your screen telling you that you have successfully saved your data collection rule.


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