Automatic Data Collection


When your AI Assistant converses with your leads via 2-way conversation, a trail of data exhaust is left in the email threads -- important information like contact data, referrals, rejection reason etc, are peppered all over the emails. 

Saleswhale automatically extracts relevant, unstructured data from these emails and collects them. This ensures that your marketing database is always kept relevant: 

  • New leads and their contact information are captured and added into Saleswhale
  • Existing leads and their information are updated and enriched
  • Leads who are not valid are invalidated
  • Collect business insights

There is no set up required on your part.


Adding new leads

Saleswhale collects new leads whenever an email thread consists of more than one recipient. For all new leads, we will collect and update the following data points:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Job title
  • Account

To see how many leads are collected automatically for you, you can go to 'Home' and view the 'New Leads Collected' widget.


Otherwise, you can also go to the Leads tab. Filter by 'Import Source: Referral' to see the list of leads collected.



Updating lead details

For leads who already exists in Saleswhale, we will attempt to collect and update the following data points by overwriting existing data with recent data:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • Job title
  • Account



Invalidating leads


When a lead's inbox responds with a hard bounce, the lead is marked as 'Bounced' and automatically excluded for all future email outreach.

To locate them, you can go to the Leads tab. Filter by 'Status: Bounced' to see the list of bounced leads.




For leads who respond asking the AI Assistant to stop contacting them, they are marked as 'Do Not Contact', and will be automatically excluded for all future email outreach.

If you have your Salesforce integrated with Saleswhale, leads who are marked as DNC can be synced back to your Salesforce and vice versa.


Collect business insights 

For leads who are 'Not Interested', we collect the reason of disqualification as well. We will capture the snippet in your lead's reply and categorise it into one of the following: 

  • Not Interested
  • No Need Right Now
  • No Time
  • Left Company
  • Not Relevant
  • Not The Right Person
  • Already A Customer
  • Left Country/Migrated
  • Using Other Solution
  • Already In Touch
  • Too Expensive
  • Others

Read more about it here.


Exporting the updated leads

If you would like to update these data in your system of record, you can export them by navigating to the Leads tab and export the leads.


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