Salesforce import and enrollment error - what's next?


In this guide we will look at

  • how to identify import and/or enrollment errors,
  • why import or enrollment errors occur,
  • and best practices around what to do. 


Identifying import and/or enrollment errors

Leads or contacts that fail to auto import or auto enroll into Saleswhale from Salesforce will have a Saleswhale Status of UnsyncedImport Error, Enrollment Error


Import errors 

There are two types of leads or contacts that will not be pulled into Saleswhale - they will appear as Unsynced and Import Error.

Unsynced leads or contacts

  • Missing first name
  • Missing email

These are also known as the import errors that are typically flagged during manual csv import. It is important to note that Saleswhale pulls from Salesforce every 15 minutes, those that have not been pulled but meet your campaign's specified criteria will also reflect as Unsynced. It is currently not possible to differentiate between the two.

Import Error leads or contacts

  • Invalid first name (first names that are only digits)
  • Invalid email format
  • Duplicate lead
  • Lead already exists in Saleswhale

Enrollment errors

Enrollment errors will have the Saleswhale Status of Enrollment Error in your Salesforce.

Enrollment Error leads or contacts

  • Lead has an ongoing conversation
  • Lead was in current campaign
  • Lead was in current topic
  • Missing value for merge tag without fallback
  • Excluded due to suppression lists



Best Practices for resolving errors

The recommended action to take for Unsynced leads or contacts is to resolve them within your Salesforce to allow the sync to proceed.

The recommended action to take for Import Error leads or contacts is to locate the unimported leads via Import History, resolve the errors, and re-enroll the leads via CSV into Saleswhale.

The recommended action to take forEnrollment Error leads or contacts is to locate the unenrolled leads via Enrollment History, resolve the errors, and re-enroll the leads into your campaign.

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