Viewing topic funnel insights


Understanding how leads are trickling through topics, and down which branch of the decision tree the leads are taking conversations with the bots is possible with topic funnel insights.

Topic funnel insights give you a deeper understanding into the conversations your bot is having with your leads and can even help you identify patterns in objections and rejection reasons.

You can only see insights for currently and previously published versions of your topics.

To see topic funnel insights, access your Topic panel and navigate to the Topic you want to gain more insight into.

Once inside the correct Topic, select the settings button in the upper righthand corner of the panel. 



From the drop down menu, select "Published Versions."



From any of the versions you select, you will see the associated decision tree and all its nodes. Next to each node there will be a number. This number reflects the number of leads that passed through that node (i.e. received the email message). In the image below, for example, 352 leads were interested in receiving the white paper, and 84 went on to be interested to meet while 25 were not.



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