Overview of Topics


A Saleswhale Topic is designed to engage your lead with a singular sales and marketing goal in mind (i.e. sales meeting or call).

Saleswhale Topics use a decision tree model; the decision tree is a graph that uses a branching method to illustrate different possible responses by your bot. 

Topics and responses should be designed to mirror the lead qualification framework (e.g. BANT, GPCTBA/C&I, CHAMP) your company currently practices.

A lead qualification framework will help you organize your Topics and touchpoints to:

  • Communicate the challenge your business or product is solving 
  • Find and confirm the right decision maker(s) within the lead's company
  • Highlight the ROI of your product
  • Address budget expectations and challenges 
  • Understand your lead's timeline and business priorities


It is important to align Topics with Campaigns, so that you can track results and conversion metrics in real time.

Having several Saleswhale Topics allows you to A/B test different ways you currently qualify. Overtime, you will be better able to prioritize conversations and use cases for lead qualification.


Quick tour of Topics

From the Topics panel and editor, you can:

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