Overview of Campaigns


A campaign is a concentrated effort that aligns your Saleswhale conversations around a single sales and marketing goal (i.e. sales meeting or call).

To achieve this goal, you can use Saleswhale for various use cases, including event follow-up and content distribution.

These use cases are designed to accelerate lead qualification for your sales and marketing funnel, resulting in more sales meetings for your sales team.

To run an effective campaign, it is important to segment and target your leads. Different campaigns can focus on different:

  • Verticals: a specific industry, trade, profession, or other group of customers with specialized needs
  • Products and services: specific product lines made and services provided by one company
  • Demographics: characteristics of a particular population (e.g. age, gender, occupation, etc.)
  • Personas: reliable and realistic representations of your key audience segments for reference

Campaigns help you consolidate your Topics, and most importantly shows you in real time campaign results and conversion metrics. Knowing the outcome of a campaign will help you identify and prioritize the different Topics and use cases for lead qualification.


Quick tour of Campaigns 

From the campaigns panel, you can:

  • View your campaigns
  • Create a new campaign
  • Browse campaigns
  • Enroll leads in campaigns
  • View and export leads associated to campaigns
  • Measure and compare campaign results


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