Defining lead handoff reps


Qualified leads can only be handed off to reps that are stored within the Saleswhale app. You can easily add and remove sales reps through your settings; hover over your initials on the toolbar and select "Customise Assistant."




Qualified Leads Handoff

Qualified Leads Handoff consists of the list of sales reps you would like the bot to handover to when the leads are qualified. Once we handover the lead, the bot will no longer do any follow-ups on this lead. 

We will do the handover to your sales rep by CC-ing them in an email that looks like this:


For now, we support handover to one sales rep - in either a round-robin fashion, to a particular sales rep or to the original lead owner.

If your leads already have owners, read more about how you can pre-define designated lead owners.


Add a Sales Rep

You can add a sales rep by pressing the "Add Sales Rep" button under Qualified Leads Handoff. Enter your sales reps name and email, and press "Send" when you are done.





Delete a Sales Rep

Under Qualified Leads Handoff, locate the delete button to the right of the sales rep you would like to delete. Press the button to delete.




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