Handling Human Review Tasks


When your Saleswhale bot passes a lead's emails along for human review, the account holder will receive an email with the lead's information, the entire email thread, and several options related to how to handle the email. This conversation is also flagged as a "Human Review Task" and can be found under "Actionable".


From the email, you have the option to assign this lead to one of your sales reps, reply as the bot, or discard the lead.


Assigning the lead

From the Human Review email, you can specify which sales rep to assign the lead to or you can assign randomly using the round robin technique (select "Round Robin"). This conversation is then marked as "assigned."


Reply as the bot

When you reply as a bot, you will be taken to the Saleswhale interface. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. After your reply is sent, this conversation is then marked as "replied as bot."


Discard the lead

If after a careful evaluation of the conversation you decide you do not want to engage the lead any further, you can choose to discard the lead (select "don't assign at all"). This conversation is then marked as "discarded."

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