Handling Human Review Tasks


In this guide, we will look at how to handle and complete Human Review Tasks.


Handling a task

When your Saleswhale bot passes a lead's emails along for human review, the account holder will receive an email with the lead's information, the entire email thread, and a link to manage it within the app. This conversation is also flagged as a "Human Review Task" and can be found under "Actionable".


From the email, by clicking on "Reply as bot", you will be taken to the Saleswhale interface. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Any replies you send under Human Review will be under the guise of your bot's identity to maintain continuity with your lead.


Completing the task to update records 

After your reply is sent, you will be prompted to "complete" the conversation and update your task's status. Click on "Yes, it's completed" to choose a status for your task. This status will be reflected in your campaign's metrics.


If your human review task is "Qualified", you will be required to select a handover sales rep. No system notifications will be sent to the sales rep you selected. 


If you wish for your sales rep to continue the conversation, you will need to cc him in your bot's reply so both the sales rep and the lead will be aware of the handover.



Alternatively, you can also choose to complete your human review task from the list of human review tasks, or from the task's detail page.


Complete your task from the list of human review tasks

Complete your task from the task's detail page



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