How does it work?

This workflow will automatically pause conversations with the rest of the leads from the same account at the moment when one of the leads has been qualified. It means that the system will stop sending emails to any lead from the same account enrolled in any of your campaigns.

What happens if a lead replies back?

If any lead replies back, the system will process the email and classify an intent. A conversation will then resume back following the scenario of the intent.

How can I resume this conversation?

In case you need to resume any of those conversations or pause any conversation manually outside of the workflow. Read on how to do it here.

How can this workflow help me?

Picture this situation. You are reaching out to an account with many contacts. One of the contacts already expressed an interest in your service, but you continue sending emails to the rest of the contacts from the same account. Following this behaviour could lead to unwanted conversations or duplicated meetings that waste your's and your client's time.

Pausing the conversations will prevent from all unwanted communication and gives your sales representatives time to validate the opportunity. In case a lead didn't turn into a deal. You can easily resume all conversations directly from the campaign detail.

How do I configure this workflow?

This is the default workflow and, unlike the other workflows, can't be deleted or created. Workflow is default turned off, and you can enable it by clicking on the toggle icon from the list of workflows or inside the workflow detail.

To configure this workflow, click on the "Edit" button after hovering over the workflow item inside the table.

Configure trigger(s):

This workflow has a predefined trigger that can't change. Workflow is triggered whenever the "Conversation state" of any conversation change to "Qualified."

Configure condition(s):

The only condition you can configure for this workflow is the "Campaign" condition. The condition is default set to "All campaigns," meaning that the workflow applies to any conversations across all campaigns. Changing this to a specific campaign(s) could help you narrow this segment down if needed.

Configure action(s):

Action, the same as the trigger, is predefined and can't change. The workflow will automatically look at the lead whose conversation has been qualified by AI. Identify if there is any other conversation within the same account and pause them.

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