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Preview your emails with Dynamic Content

Review your emails containing Dynamic Content before sending them to leads

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After you've added Dynamic Content to your campaign, we recommend that you preview how your email messaging will read when it is personalized at an account and lead level.

You can preview emails containing Dynamic Content before launching your campaign in two areas within the Campaign Launcher:

  1. Email Editor Preview

  2. Pre-Campaign Launch Preview

Email Editor Preview

1. Click on any given email sequence in the Conversation Flow to preview how your email messaging will read within the email editor's Preview panel.

By default, we will show you the preview of the full email based on the default content (i.e., the body text with the default AI Blocks).

2. Click the Preview selection field at the top of the Preview panel.

3. Select "as a specific contact" and choose a lead from your list of in-app leads. The Preview panel will highlight how the email messaging changes according to the lead and the personalization rules in the email. See image below for an example.

Pre-Campaign Launch Preview

After the Conversation Flow is published and all Campaign Launcher steps are completed, you will be able to preview all the different email variations another time before launching the campaign.

1. Go to the "Preview and Launch" section of your Campaign Launcher, and click Preview and launch.

2. You will be redirected to the pre-campaign launch preview page. You will see all email touchpoints for the different scenarios in your Conversation Flow.

3. Click the Preview as selection field at the top of the preview page and choose a lead from your list of in-app leads.

4. You will be able to see the email variations that has been automatically personalized according to the Dynamic Content rules in your email. Dynamic Content that has been applied will be highlighted in the email body.

5. Launch the campaign once you've previewed the email variations and are satisfied with how they will read when sent to your leads.

Additional Note

Previewing is recommended because it's good to double-check that your different Dynamic Content blocks align with each other when they are pieced together into the full email messaging. This becomes more important the more personalization rules (i.e., Dynamic Content rules) you include in an email.

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