In this guide, we will look at the two different types of Saleswhale data that you can view in Salesforce:

  • Lead/Contact status

  • Emails

If you are a Salesforce user, pulling your Saleswhale data into Salesforce allows you to consolidate your outreach attempts and results into your Salesforce system of record. You will be better able to track your bot's activity at a glance, and see how it fits into your organization.

Lead / Contact Status

The Lead/Contact status indicates the state of the latest active conversation your bot is having with the lead.


When field history tracking is switched on for the Saleswhale Status field (recommended), all Saleswhale status changes can be viewed in the Lead History panel.


Lightning Experience


Salesforce Classic

* Object Field History is only viewable in Lightning Experience from Summer 17' Release onwards, please use Salesforce Classic if your Salesforce instance is not updated and you need to view the Saleswhale Status field history.


When emails are exchanged (sent or received) between your bot and a lead, these are all synced to Salesforce so your sales reps can review the context of a conversation quickly and easily.

For Lightning Experience, emails can be accessed through a Lead's page. Select the Lead/Contact Past Activity section, and navigate to the "Activity" tab.


For Salesforce Classic, emails can be accessed from the Lead/Contact "Activity History" section. This can also be found under the Lead's page.

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