What happens when I re-import leads?
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When uploading a list of leads, you may re-import leads that already exist within your Saleswhale platform. In this guide, we will look at what happens when a lead is re-imported.

Saleswhale uses a lead's email address as its unique identifier. For example, if a lead being imported shares the same first and last name as a lead in the Saleswhale app, these two leads will not be identified as the same individual unless they also share the same email address.

During data import, Saleswhale allows you several ways to update your existing leads:

  1. Update missing data in Saleswhale (default): Existing data is untouched. Saleswhale will look for empty fields belonging to existing leads, and see if there are values from the new data import. If so, Saleswhale will only upload information into these empty fields and existing data will not be overwritten.

  2. Overwrite all data in Saleswhale with your new ones: Overwrite all values for existing leads, regardless of whether there is existing information.

  3. Don't update any data: Skip the uploading of any leads that already exist in Saleswhale and leave these leads as is. No information will be written, updated, or overwritten.

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