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Automatic tagging of Do Not Contact status

When leads reply with a clear indication that they do not want to be contacted again in the future (such as requests to be removed from the mailing list, and/or indicating that they do not want to receive anymore emails in the future), your AI Assistant will automatically mark them as Do Not Contact

Once a lead is marked as Do Not Contact,

  • Any ongoing conversation will be immediately stopped and cancelled.

  • Any pending Human Review will be automatically completed and marked as Not Interested.

  • Any attempted, future correspondence to this lead will be blocked during the enrollment process.

Manual tagging of Do Not Contact status

You can also manually mark specific leads as Do Not Contact

To do so, navigate to the specific lead by searching for their email in the Leads page. In the lead's details page, click "Actions" on the upper righthand corner of the page, and select "Mark As Do Not Contact" from the drop-down menu.

The lead will be marked as Do Not Contact:

There is no option to remove a Do Not Contact status. If you wish to remove the Do Not Contact status for certain leads, please contact us at

Locating and Exporting Do Not Contact

In the Leads page, you can use Filters to segment leads with the Do Not Contact status.

You can then select all leads, and then "Export Leads" under "More Actions".

In the CSV file, the Do Not Contact status will be reflected in the "tags" column, where it will show "do_not_contact".

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