Qualified leads can only be handed over to reps that are stored within the Saleswhale app.

To add or remove a Sales Rep, click on your name at the top-right corner, and select "Customise Assistant" from the drop-down menu. 

Scroll down to find the "Qualified Leads Handoff" section.

Qualified Leads Handoff

The Qualified Leads Handoff section contains the list of sales reps that your AI Assistant will hand over qualified leads to. 

When selecting a sales rep to CC into the conversation with a qualified lead, your AI Assistant will first choose the specified lead owner. If the qualified lead has no lead owner, a sales rep will be chosen in a round-robin fashion from this list of available sales reps.

(Read about what happens when your Sales Rep is out-of-office here.)

Add a Sales Rep

Select "Add Sales Rep" under the Qualified Leads Handoff section.

Enter your sales reps' details in the corresponding fields. While adding a sales rep, you also have the option to add their unique calendar link and phone number to include in the qualified handover email where your sales rep is CC-ed.

Calendar Hyperlink

  • Rep Calendar Link: URL to the rep's calendar (note: must have http://)
  • Rep Calendar Link Text: unique text to appear for the hyperlink in the qualified email handover (if included in the messaging)

Using calendar links in your AI Assistant's handover email allows for leads to proactively book time with sales reps, if you wish.

Remove a Sales Rep

Under Qualified Leads Handoff, locate the delete button to the right of the sales rep you would like to remove. Click the "-" button.

If the sales rep you wish to remove is the lead owner of any existing leads, you will be prompted to select a new lead owner for the affected leads.

From the drop-down list, you can choose to transfer all leads to another existing sales rep, or to not re-assign these leads to any rep. Without a lead owner, qualified leads would follow the round-robin qualification process.

Once you have made your selection, you should select "Confirm" to finalize the transfer of leads and removal of your selected sales rep.

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