In this guide, we will look at the two ways you can create a Topic:

  • Creating a new Topic
  • Cloning an existing Topic

Creating a new Topic

To begin creating a new Topic, first go to the Topics tab.

Select "Create Topic" from the upper right hand corner.

Give your new Topic a unique name that helps to characterize its use case and goal; select "Create" to continue.

Once created, you will be automatically directed to your new Topic's page where you will see the Topic Tree. A default Topic Tree will be created for you with the following Paths:

  • AI Assistant's Introduction
  • Lead is Not Interested
  • Lead is Qualified
  • Lead Requests for Information
  • Lead Refers Someone

Cloning an existing Topic

Cloning an existing Topic is useful when you already have an existing one with messaging that you want to use, but wish to make some edits and tweaks.

In the Topics tab, click on the ellipsis of the existing Topic you wish to clone, and select "Clone" from the drop-down menu.

This will create a carbon copy of your selected existing Topic. By default, the cloned Topic's name will be pre-fixed with "[Copy 1]", and it is recommended that you rename your new Topic.

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