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Handling unsolicited emails

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Your AI Assistant email inbox may receive unsolicited emails such as promotional emails.

For example, someone might get a hold of your AI email inbox and send them an email directly. Those emails are not your leads' responses to emails created in your campaigns launched from the Saleswhale platform.

Those unsolicited emails could be:

  • Spam emails

  • Promotional emails

  • Your company internal emails

Saleswhale will automatically surface those emails in the Unsolicited emails tab.

You can mark an unsolicited email as an important conversation. Once marked as important, you will be able to reply as your AI to the email and add the contact as a lead in Saleswhale for future follow-up.


  • The number count showed in the tickbox is the number of Human Review conversations coming from Saleswhale campaigns, excluding the number of unsolicited emails.

  • We will send out an email notification to Human Review owner when there's a human review conversation triggered from a Saleswhale campaign. We won't send any email notification when an unsolicited email is sent to your AI's inbox.

  • At this moment, when you mark an unsolicited email as unimportant, the unsolicited emails will be moved to the "Not Important" tab. If you'd like to block the email contact, share your feedback here. We will add it to our upcoming product roadmap.

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