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Our mission is to create a future where AI and humans can work hand in hand.

Our AI resolves repetitive rule-based tasks, such as email follow ups and identifying people who are interested in having a sales conversion. Thus allowing employees to focus on more creative and meaningful work.

What can Saleswhale do for you?

Never waste a marketing lead again and scale up your two-way Conversations! Through Saleswhale's Conversation Topic Builder, you have the power to fully customise your AI assistant. You can create conversation trees, send relevant attachments, and guide leads along your desired qualification path.

Customise and define how your Saleswhale assistant handles different responses from your leads - from requests for more information, "not the right time" and many more.

Saleswhale's data collection engine allows you to extract data from unstructured text in email conversations. This includes information such as phone numbers, job title changes, rejection reasons. With our automatic data collection capability, our clients are able to add an average 27% new contacts to their database annually via Saleswhale. A thematic analysis on your data can enrich your marketing database and give you valuable insight into your marketing campaigns.

In brief, here are Saleswhale's capabilities for your marketing leads

  • Engage in contextual conversations with your leads
  • Mimick a human persona
  • Enrich data on your lead
  • Handle referrals and Out-of-office (OOO)
  • Handover of qualified leads to sales reps
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Bots can be controlled by a human
  • Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce
  • Does not allow any leads to slip through the cracks
  • Qualify and segment leads based on conversation outcome
  • Handling of random emails sent to the bot
  • Reporting on conversations

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