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What can Saleswhale do for you?

Scale up your two-way conversations and never waste a marketing lead again! Saleswhale is an AI assistant that engages, qualifies, and converts underserved marketing leads into sales meetings via email - creating pipeline and sales-ready opportunities for your sales team.

It reaches out to leads sitting in your database with tested-and-proven Conversation Plays, engages them in two-way email conversations using human-assisted AI to qualify them, sending them more information if needed, before handing over hot leads to the sales team.

It saves your sales teams’ time, so they can focus on high-value prospects, and closing deals - while making sure that no marketing lead goes to waste.

Your AI Assistant's capabilities

Interest Qualification

The moment a lead is interested to speak to a sales rep, your AI assistant will rope the sales rep straight into the email thread, make a round of introductions and hand it off.

Automated Follow-up

Your AI assistant first reaches out to your leads and gets conversations going. Leads that do not respond at any point after a certain number of days will be politely followed up with for as many touch-points as you deem necessary.

Referral Handling

If a lead turns out to be the wrong person to have a discussion with, your AI assistant is able to request to be referred to the right person. Once an introduction is made, your AI Assistant will be able to get the conversion going again.

Out-of-Office Detection

When a lead happens to be on vacation or medical leave, and an out-of-office autoreply is detected, your AI assistant will be able to pick out the date he/she will be back at the office, and schedule a new follow up date then.

DNC Detection

When a lead expresses disinterest in your product, or wishes never to be contacted again, your AI assistant will politely end the conversation and mark the lead as Do Not Contact (DNC), ensuring that no new conversations will be initiated in the future.

Data Collection

If new lead information surfaces during the conversation (e.g. new phone number, rejection reasons etc.), your AI assistant will update your lead and conversation data automatically.

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